ThingsMaster - Intelligent IIoT Platform for Industrial Plant Networks

ThingsMaster is an intelligent private IIoT platform that fits for your private IIoT platform requirement.ThingsMaster Demo Site

It provides flexible and secured access from any web browser either in PC or smartphone. It also supports RTSP streaming which allows you to broadcast from cloud to remote gateways via Voice over IP. Field site video surveillance is also supported by the cloud for environment monitor via IP cameras.

ThingsMaster enables fast, flexible, secured dashboard for multi-user and supports MQTT and RESTful APIs for easy access to data from an IIoT gateway. It is also designed for central network management such as device configuration, firmware version upgrade, fault alert, and event records.
User Management Configurable Time Range and Refresh Interval Analyze Logged Data 
Fast and Flexible Graphs Option Easy Add Graph Panel Alert

Smart Environment Control Room - Online Demo

Username: womaster
Password: womaster101

ThingsMaster OTA Device Management - Online Demo
Password: womaster101


NetMaster - Industrial Network Management

NetMaster - Network Management System

The NetMaster Industrial Network Management System software is designed for discovering, configuring, real-time monitoring, and diagnosing network devices, physical links and network topology in mission-critical industrial plant networks.

The NetMaster allows to central manage configuration, firmware version, fault alert and event records. A server-client operation is designed to ensure network reliability in the large-scale network.

ERPS Group Settings for Ring ID, Ring Version, Control Channel, and Ring Ports. You can easily check ERPS Major Ring and Sub Ring info via the NetMaster.

The NetMaster provides free download for 20 nodes and up to 2000 network nodes by license update.


ViewMaster - Industrial Network Configuration Utility

ViewMaster - Industrial Network Configuration Utility
The firmware upgrade of each device is tedious and time-consuming. It also costs a lot of time of network administrators. In addition, when there are multiple devices in the network, it is very difficult for network administrators to correctly remember the IP addresses of each device, resulting in device management and network monitoring issues.

WoMaster's ViewMaster provides you with a batch configuration that allows you to perform firmware upgrades and import/export of configuration files for multiple devices at the same time. The Fast Update of Basic Settings feature allows you to quickly reboot devices and change IP settings.

Even if you do not know the IP address of the device, you can use the ViewMaster configuration tool to search and find and manage and monitor the network device.